Marketing for the hotel industry and gastronomy



You want something very special? You want to visually stand out and convince on your website with a Cinemagraph? Cinemagrams are still images that contain a small, repetitive, subtle movement that transports life into the image.


product Photography

The kitchen is the figurehead of a restaurant. Enchant yet before with images to interested parties to lure into the restaurant and to make paying customers. Tasty images of the most popular dishes, seasonal offers and visual masterpieces are a must on your digital menu.

Interior photography

Expressing the cosiness and flair of a hotel room, or restaurant, in a picture requires the expertise and experience of a professional photographer. Make it as clear as possible to the customer to get his attention, so that he decides for you and not for your competition. Many points of view should necessarily reflect all important characteristics of your institution, so that the customer gets a convincing all-round view.



For portrait photography, it's all about catching you as a person and your staff. A portrait of the grandiose chef, or the sympathetic staff creates confidence. Your visual appearance must convince.

360 degree photo tours through your house

Guide your customers through your house with a virtual tour! For your prospects this is a lively and emotional experience and increases your attention enormously.